Set Up Activity Centers For School-Aged Children At A Child Development Facility

If you watch elementary school-aged children before and after school in a large room, the following centers can be added to the room to assist with keeping the children occupied and content. As a result, the structured environment will help you remain organized and assist you with keeping a close eye on the children while they are in your care.

Set Up An Art Table

Place a couple long tables side by side and arrange chairs around each one. Fill small containers with various art supplies, such as fabric scraps, paint, glue, construction paper, and crayons and set them on shelves. Plan a simple art project each night while you are at home for the children to complete the next day. If you cannot think of some original ideas, get inspired by looking online.

Puppets, landscape paintings, or fabric mosaics are some ideas that can be made with basic supplies. Make an example of a finished project and bring it with you the following day so that the children can use it as a reference while they are making their own creations.

Arrange A Comfortable Area To Work On Assignments

Place a few desks or small tables and chairs in another part of the room. Set a fan and portable audio player nearby. The fan will help keep the children comfortable and will provide white noise that may make it easier for them to concentrate on homework assignments. If you make copies of audio selections that include waterfalls, rainfall, or ocean waves, you can play them to help the children concentrate, as well. Offer snacks and beverages to the children as they complete their assignments to help keep them motivated. 

Designate A Corner For Board Games, Puzzles, And Group Activities

Place stacks of board games and puzzles on another empty table that is set up on the other side of the room. Provide plenty of chairs so that children can compete against each other. Set up some floor games such as bowling pins or an indoor soccer goal for other kids to play with if they would rather stay on their feet. Cheer on the children as they participate in the activities and commend them for their hard work.

Once the room is set up and the children utilize the centers that you have created, they may look forward to the time spent at the childcare facility and remain busy whenever they are present.

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