3 Things To Know About After-School Programs For Your Preschool-Aged Child

If you are sending your child to preschool, the preschool day is not as long as a regular school or work day. Generally, the preschool day wraps up early in the afternoon. If that is too early for you to pick up your child, preschool after-school programs may be a great choice for your child.

Extended School Day

In many ways, preschool after-school programs will just feel like an extended school day for your child. Some of their friends will leave, and a smaller group of individuals will be left to play and learn together for the remainder of the afternoon.

In some schools, the after-school programs are taught by the same teachers that teach your child's full day schedule. In other schools, the after-school programs are taught by another set of teachers. Either way, your child will not have to change environments at all. They will be able to stay in the same classroom or building for afternoon activity time.

More One-on-One Time

Preschool after-school programs generally have fewer students in them then the regular class part of your child's preschool program. If your child's preschool has multiple classes, the children that attend the after-school program from all the classes may be grouped together.

After-school programs tend to offer more one-on-one time with the teachers and instructors who are present. This provides your child with more opportunities to learn and to receive individualized instruction.

The smaller environment of the after-school program can also help your child connect on a deeper level with their peers. This will allow your child to play in smaller groups with their peer and give your child more opportunities to develop important interpersonal skills.

Snacks Are Provided

Your child is likely to get hungry between when they have lunch with their preschool class and when you pick them up from their after-school program. Generally, most after-school programs try to offer a filling and healthy snack and drink for your child to enjoy midway through the after-school program. Most after-school programs provide the children who attend with a snack. If you want to send your child with their own snack for the after-school program, be sure to check in with the program director to make sure that is okay.

After-school programs for your preschool aged child are like an extension of their school day. An after-school program will allow your child more one-on-one time with a teacher as well as with other students. After-school programs provide enriching activities and snacks while following the routine and procedures of the preschool that your child is familiar with.

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